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    I ran across David Cole's gallery and it is quite impressive. Not all of his works are "photo" inspired, but many are.

    If you know of other inspirational sites, post them in this thread.

    Keep having FUN!


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    Have added to faves - will review later Danny - I like coming across 'new' artists and am always pleased to find new links


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      Lynda Logan's work

      Least I forget the wonderful work Lynda Logan has done.

      Click here to see her "photo-art" gallery.

      - - - - - -



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        Here's another site I found very inspirational.

        I have emailed Irene and she does all her work with Painter 5 - she doesn't use Photoshop for any of her images!



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          There were some lovely pieces there Lisa, its amazing what Painter and a bucket of talent can do.

          Also enjoyed the photo art link Danny, perhaps my favourite one being 'hard days work' (I think that was the name)


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