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    If you're a first time visitor to the Photo-based Art Forum, a sincere WELCOME.

    If you've visited before, WELCOME BACK!

    To get you started or refresh your memory, here's a couple things to know and places to visit...

    Who is this guy?
    My name is Danny Raphael, aka: DannyR. In June 2002 I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: To moderate a brand new Photo-based Art forum at RetouchPRO. To be honest, it's a blast and an honor. I treasure almost every moment.

    "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..."
    If you would like to introduce yourself to the site in general, click here to be transferred the "introductions" thread in the Salon forum. Please take a few minutes to tell us about yourself, your background and interests.

    What's different about RetouchPRO
    If you haven't discovered this yet, you will in time: The folks who participate at this site (regardless of forum, area of expertise or depth of experience) are some of the most talented and experienced you'll find anywhere. The breadth and depth of knowledge and skills of RetouchPRO members amazes me on a daily basis.

    And you wanna know the BEST part? These people are REALLY NICE, too.

    It is a privilege for me to interact with them through this amazing medium.

    Forum Organization
    AKA: Where to post what.

    Main Forum (this one)
    This is the place to post general questions, news, Photoshop actions related to photo-art, etc. If in doubt, post it here.

    This is also where "Creative Interpretation" base images are posted to which you can apply your creativity in transforming them into "art." Members are welcome to post their own images (maximum: 2 per week).

    The only request is that you provide details (specific, if possible) on what you did you achieve your results. This type of "how to" information will be useful to those just getting in photo-art. It can come in the form of written steps and/or a snapshot of your layers palette where layer names are indicative of how the layer was generated, blend mode and/or opacity, for example, (Color Dodge, 50%) Find Edges or something similar.

    Photo-art Mini-challenges
    This is an "archive subforum" with threads very similar to the more current "Creative Interpretations."

    Q: How are the images here different than the Creative Interpretations in the main forum?

    A: No additonal mini-challenges are being posted in the Mini-challenge subforum, but you are welcome to add to any existing thread. In many cases, "how to" detail for images already posted is pretty skimpy.

    Photo-art Tutorials and Methods
    In this forum members can share their own methods and techniques for achieving a particular result. Post your own "before and after" images, along with the steps used to achieve the results. This format fosters an environment where members can learn from the experiences and knowledge of other members.

    You are encouraged to try the method described on your own image and post the results.

    In addition, if you discover a tutorial on the net you'd like to share, by all means do so. Just copy/paste the URL into the message.

    Turning Portraits into Digital Sketches, Oils, Watercolors
    In this subforum the focus is converting portrait images into digital oil paintings, sketches and/or watercolors. While those who are hobbyists are welcome to participate, the methods presented may be of interest to business owners looking to expand the scope of their service offerings beyond retouching, restoration and/or traditional portraits.

    Like the main form, Creative Interpretation-Portrait images will be posted for member interpretation.

    The BEST of Photo-Art
    This subform contains links to several outstanding examples of photo-art tutorials, methods and posts within the entire forum. This is a good starting place for those new to this forum.

    NEW! ==>Photo-Art 101
    This forum is a place for those new to photo-based art to ask questions and post their creations if they're not comfortable doing so in the other forums. Seasoned veterans are welcome to offer advice or assistance, but we ask that images posted be from members with less than 6-months experience.



    Don't miss the The Mother of All Photo-Art Links-to-Tutorials thead. Click here.

    Don't Miss II: The Mother of All Photo-Art Photoshop Action Collections thead. Click here.

    Need a site map?
    Click on the link at the bottom of this thread, under my signature, for a super-d-dooper site map that will get you hopping about with efficiency in no time.

    General Site Gallery
    here to be taken to The Gallery, a place to enjoy the works of others as well as a place to post a few of your favorite creations.

    Link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    FAQ link.

    How to contact me
    If you have questions or suggestions, click here to contact me either by Private Mail, aka: PM (your e-mail address IS NOT REVEALED) or standard e-mail (your e-mail address IS REVEALED to me).


    I encourage you to enjoy yourself while you're here and to visit often. Experiment, stretch yourself, learn new things and most of all, Have Fun!

    Last edited by DannyRaphael; 05-17-2004, 01:04 AM.

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    Challenge Navigation Tutorial

    Having difficulty navigating the challenges?

    Take a look at this tutorial written by our own Queen Tut, and among my favorite moderators, Jak, who (like me) is running PS 5.5.


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      Re: WELCOME

      Thanks $welcome to all on this forum


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