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Photo-Art PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS: Grayscale selections within Color Image

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  • Photo-Art PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS: Grayscale selections within Color Image

    Sometimes mixing a little grayscale within a color image is a good thing. I was messing around with an action last night and came up with one that works pretty well.

    Click HERE for the action used to generate the attached image.

    Note: The action was run TWO times to generate the attached image, once against the original image, then again against the image the action created in the first run.

    Keep having FUN!


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    Another example

    Here's another example.

    The action was run only one time. The multiple selections were made by holding down the SHIFT key after the first selection was made.
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      The action

      Here's the action referenced above. I'll delete this post once the problem noted above is resolved.

      Developed and tested on Photoshop 5.5 for Windows. Should run OK on Windows versions of PS6, 7.
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        downloaded and ran - drop shadow wants to run on one of the adjustment layers instead of the selection, at least on my Mac in PS7. Just thought you's like to know. I'm sure I can fix it at some point in time, but others may be disappointed or not know how to fix it.

        Another "problem" was that when it unzipped the name was so long it cut off the "n" at the end of the .atn suffix, which may or may not be a difficulty for those who download.


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          I believe the Mac platform has a 31 character max limit on filenames. I shortened the name a bit and reposted the .zip.

          Not sure about the drop shadow trying to do it's thing on an adjustment layer. Just before the drop shadow effect is invoked the action specifically selects the layer that contains the isolated selection.

          Maybe a PS7 vs. PS 5.5 difference?

          Appreciate the info.



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            Right before the last stop (where you are told to adjust the drop shadow) the version I got had Select layer "A=layer-1", which gave me an error message and resulted in the drop shadow being applied to somewhere it shouldn't have been. I deleted that step and re-recorded selecting layer-1 (the original marching ant selection). Somewhere I picked up an "A=" before the words "layer-1"


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              Problem was a PS7/PS 5.5 slight incompatiblity related to creating layers via copy.

              Should be OK now. Thx for the debugging help.

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