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Paint Engine equivalent for Macs?

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  • Paint Engine equivalent for Macs?

    Turns out though that Paint Engine mentioned elsewhere in this forum is just made for Windows.

    Anyone know of good packages like it for Macs?


    Note: This post split off from another thread to give it more visibility. -- DannyR
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    Are you saying that your PS 7 brushes are not the same as for PC users? Meaning the new dynamic brushes and dual brushes aren't there in Mac? I looked up info on the web about PS 7 Paint Engine and it seems as though it was desugned with Mac OS X in mind. Check out this link.
    If I'm on the wrong track here let me know. I do have a PC so I may not be the best one to deal with your problem.


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      DJ: "Are you saying that your PS 7 brushes are not the same as for PC users?"

      No, I guess PS7 would have the same features in either case. It's just that those free Paint Engine files to be installed are in .ini format, not compatible with Macs. And on their web site it does say that it's made for mention of a Mac version.

      There should be add-ons for PS7 made for Macs somewhere, however. If I get bored enough with the built-in features and with Painter 7, I guess I'll look for some.

      Anyone with a Mac know of some good add-ons available for PS7?