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Tutorial (link): Aging images, creating "Old Looking" images

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  • Tutorial (link): Aging images, creating "Old Looking" images

    Here's a link to an article at that describes steps to "age" your own photos.

    Though written for Photoshop on the Mac, the steps are easily translated to the Windows version of PS.

    Seems a bit odd to be posting a link to "create the havoc" that most folks who visit this site normally want to "undo," but for we photo-art enthusiasts I suppose we can stretch the butterfly net a bit to include some of these techniques in our bags of tricks.

    Hey: Maybe we should "age a few" images... and then turn them over to the Retouch experts to fix! Now that would be an interesting "cross forum" challenge!

    If you're into this type of thing, but don't have the time, patience or expertise to age images manually, here's a highly functional 3rd party plugin called "Old Movie," that for $20 is a steal.

    Keep having fun!

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    Cool, not only do we learn to restore them we can also learn to destroy them. This comes in handy if you're just learning to restore and can't really do the major disasters yet but want some good examples in your porfolio. Yes, I am just kidding. I would never actually do such a thing. It does look pretty convincing though doesn't it? Maybe there's a market for old photos made from new ones.


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      Thanks for the link Danny. I got interested in some of the other tutorials too.


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        Yup, thanks for the link, I too browsed the other tutorials and maybe spurred me on to do more mac based tutorial searches, as you so rightly point out the principle and pretty much the technique are the same.


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          This is great - thanks. I'd been looking for something like this.



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