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  • Misc: Watercolors by Chauve Auckenthaler:

    I recently saw some "paintings" by Chauve Auckenthaler. The media listed was "hand embellished photograph". The gallery manager said they were done by printing photo on watercolor paper using high-end color printer and then painting with watercolor over the painting.
    They were gorgeous and I would love to find resources to learn the details of how to do this.
    Can anyone point the way????
    pete in FL

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    Hi Pete:

    Glad you found our little photo-art oasis. Your post triggered me to do a little research on Chauve Auckenthaler, a husband and wife team. For the benefit of others, here are a couple links of interest: - Example works

    Art Select (1) - Another example

    Art Select (2) - One more example... - A little bio.

    Regarding the specific end-to-end process details, the technique sounds facinating. Though I have no experience with watercolors nor watercolor paper personally, I wouldn't be surprised if some of folks who visit this forum have some comments/observations.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing how this thread develops.

    Thanks for checking us out and dipping your toe into the pool!



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      Danny - thanks for your research. digitally creating watercolor art from photos is relatively easy us PS (even for this amatuer), but if you see original work by Auckenthaler, there is a striking difference.
      Hope others will contribute. this seems like a great forum.


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