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  • Background manipulation

    I believe one of the keys to a great smudge painting is the use of the background. What are some of the common techniques/tips that are used to change the background so it will better reflect the subject? Do some just repaint the background, remove it altogether and put something else there, or what other methods are used?

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    Re: Background manipulation

    Hi, Graham5! Welcome to RetouchPro! Explore and Enjoy!

    I decide from picture to picture how I will treat the background. It depends a lot on the image. Sometimes I'll extract the subject and put a copy on a new layer and blur the background, other times I'll paint in a new background (either from another image with the PST or with a soft chalky brush with color dynamics set to vary the fore/background colors)


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      Re: Background manipulation

      I agree with Swampy depends upon each image, and the image subject no hard and fast rule from me



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        Re: Background manipulation


        Another way is to use the Art History Brush to create a new background from the old one, and mask out the parts you want to remove.

        I have some free painted-looking backgrounds on my website, if you want to download them.
        The free stuff is at the bottom of the page.



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          Re: Background manipulation

          Thanks a bunch, everyone! I have a lot to work with now. Off to work on my next picture and using everyone's tips and critique. Will post as soon as done.


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