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    To whom it may concern,
    I am quite sure that I am placing this in the wrong place so I am sorry to whomever has to put it where it goes.

    To all you talented people, any and all of you.

    For quite a while I have done volunteer work for a very compassionate and heartfelt members of the organization by the name of "Now I Lay Me Down". (see attaced link).

    I thought if any of you wanted to contribute in any way I would be happy to work with you and whenever I am called upon to make a photo for them, we could collaborate and I would absolutely give you deserved credit. Just an idea if anyone is interested let me know. I don't get called upon so often but when I do I consider it an honor and privelege to make magic for the family.
    Just let me know

    I must warn you, if in anyway you are not prepared for the mind crushing situations that I am thrown into don't open the link as it will truly no make you so happy. But you must also know that the results of the photographs are looked upon as treasure by the parents and every time I do a shoot, holding my emotions at bay is the most I can do 'til I am in the shelter of my vehicle and on the way home, then the tears fall like rain but I also am filled with the thought of what the days work is providing to a family that will have my days work of images to hold a place in their hearts.