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  • Fun at the Falls

    Hi Everyone,

    Here’s an image I did a while back. The original photo had a very narrow waterfall in it, and almost no light at the top. I cloned the edges of the falls in Photoshop to widen it. I added the greenery and flowers on the sides in Painter, with the image hose, then ran the entire image through Buzz Pro. I added additional strokes in Painter - the mist and light area at the top and some blending strokes at the base of the falls. Buzz Pro is really an excellent piece of software but can sometimes give you that “jigsaw puzzle” look, so I like to soften the edges in spots.

    Lotsa fun!

    This jpeg attachment really doesn’t do it justice. Printed on 11x14 watercolor paper, it looks really cool!

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    I can imagine how impressive it must look at that size. It's really beautiful. It tends to draw your eyes into it.


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      Very nice, John. With Buzz Pro one can achieve some pretty amazing effects -- accidently (the usual for me) or on purpose (for more skilled users like you). I can only image how much better it looks in a larger version.

      Click HERE to jump to the site general gallery and consider posting a couple of your favorites there. The general gallery gets more viewing traffic than the Photo-art forum specifically (I can't imagine why! ) = more visibility for your well-crafted creations. FYI: Images in the gallery can be as large as 200K vs. 100K for the forums.

      Anyway it's a joy seeing more of your great stuff.


      Note: Don't take this as a hint to not post in this forum; they're very welcome here. Just wanted to point out another venue.


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        Thanks for the feedback DJ. And thank you Danny for the info on the gallery!


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          John, the picture is gorgeous! Excellent job!



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            John, breathtaking, superb



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              Re: Fun at the Falls

              par excellence! love this one


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