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    I'm fooling around with creating a sketch. Then using layers and the color picker - painting over the sketch. I'd really like to get a sketchy like effect - color pencil for instance. The skin is a real problem. I don't want it to look entirely colored. Just a loose glaze basically. Any suggestions?

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    In PS 7, there are a variety of pencil brushes in dry media brushes. You can vary the size, shape and outcome of the brushes as well. It is found in the brushes palette. If you don't have PS7 the brushes could probably work from a download. I could attach them if you like.


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      I tried using a large brush that is more airy than solid in it's pattern. Mask the skin areas; Create an empty layer above the image. Sweep the large diameter brush over the skin areas; low paint flow maybe 10%. Play with the opacity on this layer. If you want more of the background to show, you could try using a large eraser set on low pressure to highlight certain areas. Think of the big brush like a makeup brush. I hope this works for you. It gave me a nice effect when I was trying it out. Kristin


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        Thanks Debbie and Kristin. I am using Photoshop 7. I have toyed with the wet media brushes and settings. I will continue to fool around with them and maybe scope out some that are a little more watercolor in effect.

        A layered mask with a fill is an interesting idea. I'll give it a try... thanks Kristen.



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          Here is the first layer of skin added. I'm still planning on adding more shadows and depth.

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            It's looking great. Very subtle. I hope you post it in the gallery when it is finished.


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              Thanks Kristin, I'm stilling working away at it. I'm still adding shadows to create some depth and then I'll work on making the hair more realistic.

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                Here's the original to compare. BTW - what should I do for the background?

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                  Lisa, your sketch is just wonderful. Do you want to share more of your technique?

                  As for the background, leave it white. The boy is your focal point and anything in the background might just distract your eye from his wonderful face. Is this someone you know?



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                    I think Phyllis is right. A background would detract from it. Sketched portraits usually just have the subject in charcoal, or pastels and nothing in the background. You've done an excellent job. How is it coming along?


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                      Very sweet of both of you to ask. I'm afraid I did put a background in (oops). I was thrilled when I printed this on canvas paper. I love the texture. As far as the technique goes... boy have I learned a ton. I'm using Painter 7 these days and have learned how to Paint on a whole new level.

                      Here is the final of my nephew. Who knows... I might start fresh again knowing what I know now.

                      P.S. Thanks for asking
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                        Very nice, indeed, Lisa. I can see why you were pleased.

                        What a great way to start my morning (seeing your pic).


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                          Lovely effect, Lisa. " Inspired me to try something.

                          ...learned to paint on a whole new level."
                          What a wonderful feeling -- to have a whole new world for adventures!


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                            It turned out great, Lisa! Nice subtle background and soft shading all over...really nice!



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                              Your sketch is superb! You definitely have natural artistic talent; everything I've seen that you've done looks great!



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