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  • Newby Tries his hand...

    Hi everybody:

    This is my first thread onthis forum, so please feel free to correct me on any breaches of protocol.

    Here is one of my efforts:

    Sorry people: can't figure out how to post the image properly - will try again.

    Talk about a stellar start on the forum...

    Any advice?
    Last edited by Toad; 10-01-2002, 06:00 PM.

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    Hi Toad,

    Welcome to the site. There will be quite a few looking forward to seeing your attachment. If you use a .jpg file, and keep it within the limits (102,400 bites), it should load okay for you. Good luck.



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      One More Try...

      Well, let's see if this works...

      Otherwise I may have to flee in shame!


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        Well I already welcomed you on your 2nd thread but I guess I can extend it here as well. Anyway, I do love your Sleeping In a Jar. It's really cool. So are you going to give us a hint on your techniques? It's got a real neon look to it that I think is great.


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          My Techniques...


          Not trying to be evasive, but I work in kind of an intellectual vacuum - I just mess with things, and continue when they look "right", and step backwards when they look "wrong".

          They look right to me when the image starts to match my metal state. When I did Sleeping in a Jar, I was up too late, and probably had ate something weird.

          I do remember that I used Poster Edges, and Glowing edges for sure.

          Sorry - next time I will have more info.



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            Hey, no need to be sorry. You approach projects the same way I do and most of it is by surprise more than by design. It's not easy to remember which experiments you kept and which ones you dumped when there are probably a thousand different steps forward and back along the way. I kind of figured that glowing edges was in there some where. It's still totally cool.


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