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Whats the best way to print large using AHB?

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  • Whats the best way to print large using AHB?

    Hi there

    I'm fairly new at using the AHB and have been learning some great techniques from reading some of the forums.

    I've decided to do a watercolor painting of my parents house and am going to get it printed as large as possible, maybe a 32x20 inch print on photo paper.

    My question is, am i best to do the painting using a large photo as a base (20mb) with the AHB or do the painting with a smaller photo (2mb) and upsize when complete in photoshop?

    The AHB watercolor brushes i'm using seem to work quicker and smoother with the smaller photo but if i can get a better quality print from using the larger photo as a base it may be the better option?

    I look forward to any suggestions from anyone with knowledge on this.
    Thank you

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    Re: Whats the best way to print large using AHB?

    I have not printed anything out that large yet myself.
    I know there is a lot of leeway in size when printing art versus a photograph.
    I would suggest doing a trial run at the smaller size.
    (create your artwork, upsize, and print a small piece of it at full size)
    If you aren't happy you could try a bigger size, but I don't think you will need to work at the 20MB size.
    Perhaps someone with more experience can jump in.
    Good luck!


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      Re: Whats the best way to print large using AHB?

      You will get better results creating at the size and resolution you intend to print. For that final size, about 200 ppi should look fine. Use the 20 MB file as source. Slower rendering, but better quality.

      re: I would suggest doing a trial run at the smaller size.
      Good suggestion. Trial run = less cost and opportunity to learn from experience. Craft large (final version), then make that one smaller for trial run. Don't make a small one based on 2mb, then "size it up." Quality will suffer.

      re: print on photo paper
      Since you're doing a digital painting, consider canvas instead of photo paper. Many places to choose from. is one of my favorites.

      re: 32x20 inch print
      32x20 is kind if an odd size. Assuming you are going to frame your creation, check into frame size options/costs, then match your creation size to the frame.

      If your final result will be unframed, e.g., "gallery wrap" or "standout," check sizes offered by online print company before crafting your masterpiece.

      Good luck with your project. I'm sure your parents will be tickled.


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        Re: Whats the best way to print large using AHB?

        I was hoping you would chime in Danny!


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          Re: Whats the best way to print large using AHB?

          Thank you Danny and Jordan for your suggestions.

          Like i say, i'm new to using the AHB and i've tried doing the watercolor with Vitalys (Dron58) AHBs that he supplied to us and am using his watercolor tutorial, but with the 20mb photo as a base the results are nothing like his. The AHB seems to be much smaller and takes much longer to work around the whole photo.

          Would it be possible to upsize his cool AHBs or find some other AHBs that are a bigger resolution?
          I would prefer to keep using Vitalys AHBs as i really like the results from the 2mb file and if anyone knows how i can get the same results from a 20mb file, that will be great.
          Thank you


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