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    Just a dummy I guess, but can someone tell me how to use Image Resize in PSE7 so that my photos will upload here? My images on my computer are large and I have tried to resize them to what seems small to me in PSE7 but they still exceed the 100 kb limit. And, not to be rude, but why doesn't this site use a uploader that automaticlly adjust the size to the desired one. Thanks

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    Re: Help Please

    probchld, I the image size adj dialog, try adjusting the size to around 8" on the long dimension which will usually result in approx 5.5" on the short side (if 35mm aspect ratio) and set the resolution to 72 ppi. Then do a "Save As" starting at a quality setting of 12 and reducing the quality setting until the file size preview box falls below 100KB.
    When downsizing the image for upload here you will sometimes decide to crop in order to meet the 100K limit or sometimes you will decide to reduce the dimensions or sometimes you will choose to save on a lower jpg quality setting. Your choice will depend on what you are trying to show the members here about your image. If it is noise or fine detail issues, you will likely opt for high quality, small size. If it is a color cast you might opt for a lower quality large image. An automatic sizing algoritm is great for Walmart but is not the way to go here at RP. It should take you less than 1 minute to properly resize your image. If you plan to upload a lot at RP and would like to increase your limit, considering becoming a Patron member which will allow you to attach 5 images @ 200KB per image.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Help Please

      Thanks Murry for the help, I'll try that next time. But I do think the Walmart comment wasn't needed. Never uploaded photos there, but if they have a auto resizer, it makes them a easy site to work with like severial others I have had the pleasure of going to. Thanks again for your helpful comments..


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        Re: Help Please

        The comment was not a slight against either you or Walmart - its a different model and they can't process the volume unless they have one.
        If you feel strongly that RP should offer a re-sizer in the upload then please feel free to send a message to Doug Nelson.
        Regards, Murray


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          Re: Help Please

          Perhaps he will read this,,,,,,


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            Re: Help Please

            With all of the forums combined there is a rather large number of postings at RP and I doubt that he has an oppty to read all of them. Various moderators just check for anomalies. If you feel strongly that the feature would be beneficial to RP, you should send him a Private Mesage.
            Regards, Murray


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              Re: Help Please

              Thanks again for your kind help


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