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  • Question on papers...

    I am interested in knowing what kind of paper everyone uses to print their photo-art. I am in search of the perfect watercolor, canvas, etc. paper. My only problem is that since I am in South Korea I will need to order it online.

    I don't think this is a question anyone has asked before. If so there is a thread out there could someone please send me a link?

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    Well...tough one to answer. I know Epson makes a watercolor paper of some sort and other companies probably make similar papers. I get my digital art printed as Giclee prints on actual Watercolor paper (Arches, hot pressed 140lb) so my experience with printing at home is pretty limited. At one place I worked, we used to print large format inkjet to canvas on occasion....but it required some interesting color adjustments and a fixative sprayed on to prevent smudging. can probably help you match up a good paper type to your printer.


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      Thanks, Greg, I will check out that link. I should have mentioned that I have an Epson Stylus Photo 1280 printer. I get excellent prints. I have been using Epson's Glossy and HP's Matte paper for my prints up to 8x10. For my larger prints up to 13x19 I have been using Epson's Matte Super B. Do you think I could use regular watercolor paper with this printer? I am sure I could find it in some of the art supply stores here. My objective is to make my photo-art look less digital by using the correct paper for the art.


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        Lynda, I have done extensive testing on paper and it doesn't work very well putting plain watercolor paper in the printer. An Epson rep told me the reason is the paper needs to have a coating on it for ink jet printers, there papers work beautifully by the way. I have found a glossy paper at Frys that only sells reg for $3.99, frequently they put it on sale for $1.99, this is 20 sheets It is called photo glossy paper by GQ Great Quality.
        I have also found an excellent canvas paper Ink Works creative series Artist canvas 81/2x11 that is $11.99 for 10 sheets also at Frys, it works beautifully and perfect everytime. Then there is a paper place in San Diego, I will have to find the info on, that has everything imaginable for printing and size wise.
        If you wanted to try some I could send them to you from Frys, I doubt they would send to you but maybe.


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          Lynda - got your email but will also post here as well. platscha is correct about needing to coat traditional watercolor papers. I have never actually run watercolor paper through my inkjet (not with real success anyway) but I would imagine it is similar to the Giclee prints I get done. It will need some sort of coating to prevent excessive dot gain. With no coating, the ink droplets will spread too far and bleed when they hit the paper, causing you to loose fine detail (think of newsprint). Even with the coating, you will have a bit more dot gain than normal so be careful in Photoshop of where you set the black point. One advantage to this slight can get away with smaller file sizes!


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            I have also been looking at different papers to print my art on and have found a few issues that might be of interest to you. I found that not only did I need paper that I felt was appropriate for the image but also I wanted something that was going to last and not discolor over time.

            With inkjet printers there are loads of issues and different solutions. The paper you choose should be acid free, then you need to look at which inks to use for the best prints.

            One thing you could do is contact a few companies and ask them to send you a set of papers so that you can choose which ones you feel will be best for your type of art.

            Here are a few companies that I contacted
            Lyson - make ink and paper
            Inveresk - somerset velvet - Bockingford.

            Most of the companies that deal with these papers work nearly exclusively with web orders so they will more that likely post abroad as well.

            I tried water colour paper and was very disappointed in the results. I thought it might add something to the image but the dispersing of the ink was too great and the image lost clarity.

            Good luck, I would be interested to hear which paper you finally choose.


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              paper supply

              This is the place i mentioned in my earlier thread,
              Digital Art Supplies
              4901 Morena Blvd. #1109
              San Diego Ca 92117
              order on line or call

              they will send you a nice packet of samples for free
              I am most pleased with a paper called Somerset Velvet it makes unbelievable prints in an ink jet

              ultimately you do need to use acid free paper and archival inks for long lasting prints or if you are going to sell them but there is only one printer I think an epson that even offers archival ink

              you can spray your print and also used ulv glass which helps when framing

              as for watercolor paper, there is a local artist who uses it because he washes his prints after printing with water and it give a total realistic watercolor effect, he also applies some oil paint or acrylics to some that make them appear really hand done, he is very successful getting really big bucks for his prints


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                I have never thought of putting water on a print made on watercolour paper before - I will have to try this out.

                Out of the samples of paper that I recieved from various companies I was also most impressed with somerset velvet.



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                  Thanks, everyone. I am going to get some samples. I can't wait to try the water trick. Clare, let us know if it works for you.


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                    platscha and clare -- I noticed on the Digital Art Supplies website that the Somerset Velvet was an UNcoated paper, but the Somerset Velvet PE was coated for use in inkjets. Do you know which one you used? Folks usually recommend using the coated papers, so I was wondering...


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                      both seem to work well in this case
                      producing deep lovely colors


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                        You may want to check this thread.

                        A problem I found with non-Epson papers which print decent colors is that the inks take quite long to dry. What then happens is the pizza wheels (which feed the paper after the ink has been put down) leave tracks from dark areas into light ones. I'm not sure if the newer printers still have pizza wheels. InkJetArt has a note on how to remove the pizza wheels.


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                          I have just looked at the brocher that came with my paper, there are 2 different types of somerset enhanced.

                          The original was 'somerset velvet radient' for use in the Giclee printing, this is the uncoated paper.

                          Then they made 'somerset enhanced' for use in inkjets, this is the coated paper and comes in either satin, velvet or textured.

                          I have not decided as to which is my favorite. I only have the coated type.


                          Thanks for the link I'll check that out, and I am very interested in removing those pizza wheels!


                          I haven't tried the water trick yet, I might give it a go later - I'll post my finding as soon as I can.


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                            Clare & Platscha, check this thread on the "waterproofness of inkjet inks". You'll have to be careful of your ink/paper combination for Platscha's trick to work.


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                              These are seriously interesting links thinks bigAl.

                              I am currently using an epson and an HP printer at the moment. Thank for the link about the epson ink, this has saved me alot of experimental time and wasted ink. I'll use my HP, until I replace my epson inks with pigment inks.

                              Thanks again .... its play time!



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