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Photo-Art Photoshop ACTION: Amateur Painter (works well on portraits)

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  • Photo-Art Photoshop ACTION: Amateur Painter (works well on portraits)

    This image is based on the effects achieved by the "free" Amateur Painter action that can be downloaded HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

    This image is being posted as a demonstration of what's possible with Photoshop actions.

    1. Ran Amateur Painter action TWICE on the original image
    2. Copied unaltered version of the picture (not posted) into the image, creating a new layer.
    3. Ran Glowing Edges filter (1,16,9); inverted and desaturated the result for a line drawing effect.
    4. Created Levels adjustment layer and tweaked sliders to remove a lot of the midtone noise.
    5. Merged Levels and Glowing Edges layers.
    6. Set Glowing Edges layer blend mode to Multiply; adjusted opacity to give the image a little more detail.
    7. Ran Crosshatch filter (9,10,1) against the Glowing Edges layer for a more sketchy look.
    8. Flattened image.
    9. Applied Texturizer filter (PS7 texture preset: "Rust Flakes") to give the image a little more texture. Scaling 50, Relief 4.

    With thanks to David for the inspiration, I hope this gives your new found sport a shove in a positive direction.

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    The original image

    The "painting" is based on this image.
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      Great link Danny. That looks like something even I can play with. Thanks for the info.


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        Don't do this to me, you know I go to school all day on Wed and come home to relax, and then there is another great effect to try.
        Anyway, I tried this on my Dads pic, he has had a stroke and it really shows on photos but this effect really hides it. I like what it did to the hat. The pic had already had the median action run on it.


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          trying the link-I give

          [Link edited so it would resolve - DannyR]
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