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  • favorite filters/painting settings

    I don't know what the possible permutations are with the number of filters I have;

    Filter Forge 7705 filters
    Photoshop 47 filters
    Pixel Bender 13 filters
    OnOne Phototool 2.5 free 26 filters
    PostWorkShop 50 filters

    but it's certainly more than I could ever investigate.

    I'm curious to peoples favorite filters/settings.

    Mine would be;

    Filter Forge - Photo Grunge
    Pixel bender Oil paint - with all the sliders in the middle

    I don't have any favorite Photoshop filters but I do like the following painting settings;
    AHB - Oil sketch
    Mixer brush - 65 px Soft Round Blend Flow Pressure

    The 'Renoir' setting

    I played with Corel Painter. The auto paint palette knife and Sargent brush were fun.

    What filters / brush settings do you find yourself using over and over again?

    - Nancy

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    Re: favorite filters/painting settings

    I believe eventually PostworkShop will be a favorite, but currently my favorite plugins are G'MIC (nearly every edit I do I use one of the many presets here), Xero's (various filters; just keeping them in a single category) filters, and Impressionist, at least these three are the ones that I use the most. DAP is a very close 4th.


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      Re: favorite filters/painting settings

      filter forge has some fabulous art type filters. kochubey, who made the photo grunge filter, works for filter forge and is an excellent filter author. if you like hers you might also check out carl's grunge filter. and, check out northernshadow's filters for some excellent art types. byRo also has some filters there, as do i.

      i hardly use any other filters now and i used to collect them like crazy. now, it's almost all filter forge.

      oh, and the permutations with just filter forge run over the billions, easily.


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        Re: favorite filters/painting settings

        Only in
        6,120,081,500 possible ways...

        Originally posted by Nasturtium View Post
        ...I don't know what the possible permutations...