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How about a montage Mini Challenge?

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  • How about a montage Mini Challenge?

    I was admiring a post by creativo and thought - wouldn't it be great if we had a mini challenge with 3 or 4 images where we would combine them and make a montage. We would learn all kinds of techniques. What do you say????


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    Oooo - I like the idea Lisa! I just did a montage for my husband's 40th birthday. Baby pics to now, including the few pics he keeps in "his" shoe box (meaning they're extra special to him. ) He loved it! And I would love to do more!



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      Dream Rose

      Chuck you beat everyone to it.
      Oh that girl its a great Idea.

      I had an 80th birthday to go to and needed an Idea so we had a music rose challange and I used the rose from there I made a dream type background with clouds added the birthday girls picture and blended and faded it into the clouds. Added text and thats four items and that should coun t as a montage. So here is my submission.
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        Just to clarify things. How about we first choose 4 images. What I think would be more interesting is have all of us work with the 4 images and see what we come up with. Doug used to do photo tag which is what Chuck is suggesting? I was more or less thinking that we have 3-4 images and then from there - do our own collages.

        So... backing up just a little. How about we upload some images first and then we can decide what 4 to use. Or - we use the first 4 that are uploaded and go from there.

        Attached is my submission.

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          Challange montage

          Sounds good to me as well.

          We could submit a photo each or you can pick four from the challanges. BUt once you decide no fair changing the rules.
          Since you started it you say what you want to do. The problem you have more then four people on the forum. So pick four you know and have them submit pics.

          But first I alread did this as a joke.
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            gosh ! I'm not a good one to restore order from chaos.... but this is lisa's thread... why mess with it ?

            4 items it is...
            offering the next 3 first submitted scares me a little... ( lisa's being no. 1 ) so whats say all interested .. offer their's..
            after all... has to be something that will work...

            settle on a way to decide..
            do it right... hate to have to come back in here..



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              I think Ron has a point. How about we start out with using the images from the mini challenges. When we get enough images donated we will use it for the next montage - deal?

              So, I was browsing the images from the mini challenge and think I have 4 that might be interesting. How about we use

              #46 English Ladies
              #44 Butterfly
              #15 Wally
              #31 Yellow Rose

              Let the games begin.....



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                sounds ok.... but wouldn't it be fun if this turned into your challenge ? you know fresh photos and all... but then again it's late.... and i may have wandered off track here making an example for these slackers .... but is this what you were after ?
                sorry only 3 pix involved.. but could add a nice moose I suppose..
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                  Wow - that is awesome!

                  You're right but I thought I would collect a bunch of images first and also get a consensus from others on how to choose. I'm just trying out the idea right now. The goal in the end is definetly to use our own images.



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                    good girl.. hope it works out in a challenge thing... guess you know of your popularity here.... not just your amazing submission of the former modeling proofs... but you know... we are all with you.

                    that said: I've always hoped for a bit more than the manipulation challenge along these lines... I know this is after all "retouch pro" but i do like to play with pix.... guess we all do...

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                      that sounds fun!! i like the idea of using previous mini challenge photos for it.

                      - David


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                        Have the games brgun. Are those the elements we will use. Lots of suggestions after your reply.


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                          Halloween's over, but sometimes in the early morning hours, on your long walk home from the pub, you may be fortunate enough to see something...

                          Inverted layer added some of the coloration, Transform to rotate and skew the ladies. Pixie dust for the horse to make him fly, and the flutterby just hung on tight all by himself.
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                            A Spring Day at the Downs

                            Here is my submission base on "Oh That Girls " selections.

                            I put all my pictures on my screen and saw an Engish race track and all these elements would be there. The women appear to be gazing so I had them gaze at the Rose and Butterfly as Walley won the race in the distance. I saved everything in PSD so I could move the elements anround on its Layer. I then scaled each to give the effect of different distances.
                            Tools 1 - Extract 2- Eraser 3- Move tool 4 - Blur tool

                            RE di picture, left something in I did not like.
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                              Man Phili1... that is brilliant!



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