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Review: HyperTyle (link)

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  • Review: HyperTyle (link)

    This plugin has great potential to supplement photo-art endeavors. It also includes frames and edges plus other functionality

    Here's a link to the review.

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    Testing on print sizes

    Do you test on print sizes?

    I have been very disappointed in the results of Jasc's Virtual Painter on print sizes. It has a print size selector in the combo box which in theory would give you the same look at the selected size as you got in another smaller size, assuming you selected the appropriate size in the combo box but it just doesn't work.

    It seems to have been designed for impressing prospective web customers.

    I would suggest incorporating print size images into your tests if you do not already do that.



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      The thumbnail images (and larger versions that can be viewed by clicking a thumbnail) were downsized from ~8"x10" images. In retrospect that should have been mentioned in the review and I appreciate you pointing that out.

      One of the freedoms of "photo-art" is the luxury of being able to get away with a little creative blurring via Median, Dust & Scratches or Gaussian Blur filters to disguise artifacts and jaggies.

      If I were generating "fine art" printed versions of the example images used in this review at large sizes, e.g., 13"x19", a little preprint blurring might improve the appearance. For some images selective blurring applied via a separate "blurred layer" and a layer mask would be the way to go. It would just depend on the characteristics of the image.

      I hope this addresses your question.



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