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Hey, Photo-art newbie: Rate the Photo-art forum

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  • Hey, Photo-art newbie: Rate the Photo-art forum


    You've opened this thread to see what it's about. I appreciate you taking that leap of faith.

    Since you're here, I've got a no risk / can't screw it up opportunity to contribute to this site.

    * Go ahead and vote now if you have already checked out some of the "best of threads" and formed an opinion.

    * If you opened this thread before having had time to check things out, return to the forum, poke around a bit, THEN come back and cast your vote.

    - - - - - - - -

    Your feedback counts!

    ALSO: If you have suggestions or comments, please add to this thread. How can I make this forum MORE useful to you?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Photo-based Art Forum Moderator
    Very, very valuable
    Very valuable / useful
    Valuable / useful
    Somewhat valuable / useful
    Limited value / usefulness
    Sorry, but I did not find it useful at all.
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    I'm not a "newbie" but I still want to say thanks for putting all this info in one place...great idea and really helpful!


    You're most welcome. It's a pleasure. - DannyR
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      I am not a newbie either, but I have to say a big THANKS. I had just begun trying my hand at Photo-Art when I found this forum. I have learned so much from the wonderful generous people willing to share their techniques.

      Thanks to you all.

      AND thanks to you Danny for doing a great job as moderator.


      I'm honored to have this opportunity. Thanks for the kind words, Lynda. - DannyR
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        I'm not a newbie either, I just ran across this and had to express my gratitude to all who have shared their techniques. I could never begin to tell you how valuable this forum has been to me. I have learned so much. Danny, what can I say, you are so generous with your time and energy. Just want you to know that it is very much appreciated. Thank you so much.


        - - - - - - -
        Wanda: Thank you both for the kind words. There's great joy in all I do thanks to nice folks like you, who make this forum what it is. Danny
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          I am so new that if I were a tractor I would still be in the barn with the dealer stickers on! this forum is/will be very valuable and useful. I learn best by reading how to do something and then doing (or at least trying to do it).

          thanks very much.



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            I'm a half newbie and have learned more here that at college classes. We were not taught the things I have learned so far. I had never used all the filters and actions until you all showed me how. Everyone is so wonderful for all the support and help they have given me. And also Danny thank you for all you do.

            - - - - - -

            bubba & pjb:
            You're both most welcome. Believe me, it's my pleasure.
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              While I am relatively new to this forum, I'm not really new to working with computer graphics. But I still find this to be a wonderful forum and a great place for learning new ways of doing things, and new ways of looking at things, even if most of you don't use the same program as I do.



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                Great place for a newbie to feel comfortable and ask questions. I am so new I need a "See Jane Run" book to get started. In the mean time has lots of my $ for every book I buy is way over my head. I have printed out so many tutorials my printer ran out of ink -
                But, I am having fun and one day will be able to participate - thanks to eveyone who has helped me.


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                  Valuable? It's fun... is there value to that? Useful? Will it make my teeth whiter?

                  It's fun! I like it. In fact, it's just what I been looking for.

                  There's good art here and fun stuff to do. You can't beat that! But valuable and useful, I dunno.


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                    Thanks for your kind words. If you're not quite ready for the big time, by all means post images in the PA 101 forum. That's one of its purposes... to give rookies a safe place to play, especially for those just starting out on the learning curve.

                    - - - - -

                    Appreciate your comments. Good points regarding "useful" and "valuable." Perhaps not the best choice of words for the poll; the intent was to gauge value and usefulness of this subforum in particular (having a place to help find some golden nuggets quickly), but since you're havin' fun, that's what counts.

                    Welcome aboard. Hope you'll join in on some of the mini-challenges.



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                      Originally posted by Lengo
                      Will it make my teeth whiter?

                      yes....with the correct Curves or Levels adjustment in Photoshop.


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                        Danny, I find the usefulness limited (only for me), because, I don't have time to go through all of the posts. I use PSP8 and there is no way to tell, without looking at all posts, if there is anything pertaining to PSP8.

                        I enjoy looking at all the wonderful art work, but, it is frustrating not to be able to use the information. I feel the same way about the Retouching Forum, it has some really wonderful effects. However, not having PS and not knowing what to use 'instead', I can't make the transition.

                        Are there enough PSP users on this forum, to, warrant a PSP category ?



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                          First of all, Welcome! As one born and raised in SoCal myself (Culver City), I can say it's especially nice to have a fellow Californian join us.

                          RE: PSP-specific topics, techniques, etc.
                          As you have already discovered, most of threads posted and methods described in this and the other forums at RetouchPRO are Photoshop centric. That's sure not a knock on PaintShop Pro, which is a feature rich and, compared to Photoshop, very reasonably priced piece of software. (I have PSP 7 myself, but did not reinstall it after a hard drive crash last Fall.)

                          At the moment I believe one of our members who posts images fairly often (jch71566 [aka: Jeff]), uses PSP for some of his photo-art creations, so you might search on his posts. He's usually pretty good about leaving enough useful breadcrumbs to follow.

                          I just did three site searches using keywords "psp", "paintshop pro" and "paintshoppro" and got quite a few hits, so that might make your efforts a little easier. Click on "Search" in the gray bar at the top (choose advanced search) or just click HERE.

                          It sure can't hurt to start a PSP-only thread in the photo-art forum and see what happens (I'll do that in a couple minutes). Could be there are some lurkers out there itching for such an opportunity and that's all it will take for them to jump into the pool.

                          Thanks for waving the white flag. I hope it stirs some interest.



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                            Hi Danny, I live in Long Beach (born and raised here).

                            Thank you, for the informative answer. I am looking forward to a PSP thread in the Photo art forum. I hope all PSPer's will jump on. I am looking forward to learning new effects. I also have a few painterly methods I could share.



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                              I find this sight fasinating. I know little or perhaps more accurately nothing about photo art as represented here. Over the years my interests have mostly been oriented towards photos in a jounalistic sense as recording something I saw. If you came to our house you would find a great percentage of the art we have collected is photo-realistic even in paintings.

                              I stumbled onto this forum and to this area of it and have watched with fasination for months now. I have even thrown a couple of my shots in to see what other folks would do with them.

                              I must say, what was done would never have been dreamed of by me even if I had the knowlege of the how. I say that in a delighted way. I didn't vote above 'cause I don't know what I think but I do know I keep coming back here like a penniless kid to to the candy counter.


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