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  • My Photoart Gallery

    I wasn't sure where to post this, or if I should post it. It's not a pro website. Just a gallery on my personal website. Some of the pics are from challenges I participated in here long ago.

    If it is wrong for me to post these here, please move or delete.

    Amazing to think how many photos I tried, and how few actually turned out ok. But I'm thinking of getting into this again.

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    Re: My Photoart Gallery

    Nice work there Andrew maybe you should get back into it again,


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      Re: My Photoart Gallery

      Thanks, Palms.


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        Re: My Photoart Gallery

        Fantastic work and great style Andrew. I would like to invite you to join , it will be perfect place to offer your photo art service.


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          Re: My Photoart Gallery

          Great work Andrew! You should definitely keep at it! The cats are especially nice, I can't think of the artist they remind me of, but it's as if I'd seen them in some museum somewhere! Nice work!


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