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  • Comments, critique or feedback please!

    Thanks for taking a look at my Goldfish Project. I actually bought the goldfish and took about 100 shots of them to pic from, then put it together. Hope you guys like it!
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    Re: Comments, critique or feedback please!

    Like the floating in air fish result Oscar.


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      Re: Comments, critique or feedback please!

      Thanks! I was going to go for the water look but found it way too difficult.


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        Re: Comments, critique or feedback please!

        I like!

        Maybe a "thought bubble" from the black fish, saying something funny like "What, are my eyes bulging again?".


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          Re: Comments, critique or feedback please!

          This seems like such a good piece of editorial art/commentary. More so because of the absence of "water". The water is not the focus, the fish are. Good. Did you alter the perspective of their positions or did you scout thru the 100 shots to find the right positions?


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            Re: Comments, critique or feedback please!

            I actually scouted through the photos to get the positions, no altering (of the positions) at all. I still have more to look through so I might have another (hopefully cleaner) version of this.


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              Re: Comments, critique or feedback please!

              @Shizam - Lol. That would be a cool video.


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