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Problem loading fay sirkis brushes

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  • Problem loading fay sirkis brushes

    Hello - I have corel painter x. I have loaded Jeremy Sutton brushes
    with no problem.

    I have Fay Sirkis DVDs - celebration of art - when I try to load portrait
    brushes, they do not show up in painter. I have checked properties and
    unchecked read only, but it does not seem to take.

    When I load the animal brushes, it will load, but it makes all the brushes
    read only and painter will not even open. I unchecked read only, but
    will not take.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Problem loading fay sirkis brushes

    Try using Studio Chris Brush Manager to load your brushes if you are not already doing so.


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      Re: Problem loading fay sirkis brushes

      I do have Chris's studio, I have put brushes in my documents and on
      my desktop. The brushes are on a dvd, don't know if that matters,
      but I can't get the brushes into Chris's program...i.e drag, drop or
      copy paste.?


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        Re: Problem loading fay sirkis brushes

        The brushes need to be in a zipped file before you drag & drop the file into Studio Chris Brush Manager.
        Do you get a message stating that the brushes have been successfully installed or that the brushes are already installed?
        Also check the Studio Chris preferences to ensure that the brush set is being loaded to the correct folder.


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          Re: Problem loading fay sirkis brushes

          I too had problems loading 3rd party brushes and finally had to go into the program files and insert them manually into the proper folders there, reboot, and restart the program. Make sure you have administrative access. And voila, new brushes. Just make sure to save a set somewhere else so that when the computer or the program glitches, you can get them back.



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