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Simple seamless backgrounds

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  • Simple seamless backgrounds

    My sister taught me this trick a long time ago... It's really simple and half of you probably already know it.
    Take a fairly large selection of grass, snow, hair, brick, leaves... Or any other pattern you might want as a background. Bigger the better.
    Paste as new image.

    Effects>Reflection Effects> Rotating Mirror
    Offset = 0
    Angle = 0

    Then apply the rotating mirror again with angle=90

    You now own a seamless background useable on the web, as a background for other pictures, or to flood fill over the yucky leftover bits of things in the background. Annoying relatives, birds, and fences.

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    Graphics are my bread and butter, but that's a new one on me - great tip thanks *dashes off to try it*


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      Sibyllea - thanks! The Paintshop Pro folks here will enjoy that tip. Since Photoshop doesn't have Rotating Mirrors (I like the sound of that), here's a tutorial from the web for PShoppers (half of whom probably already know this also)

      Seamless tiles via Photoshop