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    Hi, everyone. Been working on a little project and was keeping it to myself. However, I need some help or maybe input on an idea of mine. Maybe you guys here have tried it. I tried it the other day and it worked really well. I need a way of cataloging or maybe making it easier to call up. The idea was to scan in real hair on my scanner. The idea is that I can shape it any way I want or any color I want, even texture. Having all girls in the house gives me a good supply of long hair. Also, I have friends who have hair of all styles, shapes and textures. If there was just some way I could call it up and use it to retouch damaged hair in photos, this would solve all my problems (well, maybe not all my problems -- I still have some mental issues to work out, but that's a different story). Tell me what you think. I'd appreciate any feedback and has this idea been tried. Is it feasible? I'd show some samples of what I've done so far but I think I lost them and decided to go ahead and post anyway. Thank you for your time. Steve

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    File Browser

    I've heard of people zeroxing their tushes and faces, but never scanning hair. Sounds like a good idea though. I'm not sure what you mean by "call up", but if you have PhotoShop 7, one of it's new features is the file browser.
    I need a way of cataloging or maybe making it easier to call up...If there was just some way I could call it up and use it to retouch damaged hair in photos...
    The file browser makes it very simple to view and retrieve your images. For a quick time movie on it click here.



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      Steve, brilliant idea. Let us know if it works!



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        Well it's either genius or madness

        btw are you going to scan the whole mane or just a few and construct them into a brush?


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          Great idea Please let us know how this turns out.


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            Im not real sure what you mean either but seems a collection of hair and different types of hair on heads with different views would be a very good idea. I use thumbs plus. It can add keywords to search altho I slip on that and make a thumbnail page for each differrent folder I have.


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