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  • Photocube

    - Create a perfectly square selection and save it so you can go back to it.
    - Fill it with a color.
    - Go to transform->skew
    - Drag the right middle handle upward to create your angle
    - right click and select perspective, bring the top right handle down some
    - right click and select scale and drag the right middle handle left slightly.

    All this so far just to give the illusion of perspective, distance and scale. Fine tune to taste.

    - Dup this layer,
    - transform->flip horizontal
    - Move the layer over until you have the left and right sides.

    - Reselect another square from your saved selection and on a new layer fill it with the color

    - Now using the transform->distort, move the bottom left handle to the top-center of the cube, move the bottom right handle to the top right of the cube, move the top left handle to the top left of the cube, and move the top right handle to a center point above the center of the cube.

    Now, just drop some photos into and using your cube as a guide, transform->distort them into position!

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    Stunning results! Thanks for the great description on how it was done.



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      One additional tip. My cube looks bad because the sides are not short enough. True enough, you start with a square but our vision perceives the sides of a cube to be shorter than the actual square. I shortened them slightly in my first attempt but upon looking at them now, I see they should actually be much shorter because it doesn't look like a 3d cube, currently...



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