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Painter 7 replacement

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  • Painter 7 replacement

    Did this in 20 minutes using the pattern brush and a few photoshop filters...

    with filters

    without filters

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    The results on both are very impressive. When you get a few minutes, do share a bit about both techniques. I'm sure I speak for many in wanting to know more.




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      I like both interpretations. Care to share your technique?



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        Thanks Tony. It's actually relatively simple using Photoshop 7's new brush engine.

        I took the original picture and made a pattern from it. Then I created a new blank layer, set the original layer at opacity 75% (to use as tracing paper) and experimented in painting over top of the original using the pattern brush and a combination of impressionism and regular brush strokes along with photoshop's various brush tip options. It seems to work best if you put the background and foreground on separate layers because you may want to use a brush with more detail on the actual subject...

        On the first example, I ran the watercolor filter and added canvas texture but in retrospect, I like the second rendition better. I think I'm going to try scanning some canvas and make a canvas pattern to use as a brush tip... Probably someone's already done that but I couldn't find one when I searched...


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