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  • Patches - color sketch...

    Patches is my 14 year old cat. I am posting the small image in this thread, but the larger image at the link below shows much more detail. After I sketched the image I gave it a little buzz...
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    A nice portrait. I like the effect you achieved.


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      I love it Lynda - great detail in the fur!!

      Can you expand a bit on "sketched the image then gave it a little buzz"? Do you mean that you used a sketch technique (like Trimoon's) with color - and then ran the Buzz Pro filter?



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        I was going to post a link to my sketch tutorial, but I did things a little different this time. I used a Motion Blur instead of the Gaussian Blur. I also added the info on the buzz.

        To Make a Color Sketch:

        1. Get your image ready - unsharp mask, curves, levels, what ever is necessary to have a good image
        2. Create duplicate layer
        3. Image/Adjustments/Invert
        4. Mode/Grayscale - don't flatten
        5. Mode/RGB – don’t flatten
        6. Image/Adjustments/Invert
        7. Image/Adjustments/Levels – add highlights by sliding the white arrow to the left. .
        8. Image/Adjustments/Brightness-Contrast – you want to take the contrast slider to the minus usually between -10 and -30.
        9. Create duplicate layer
        10. Image/Adjustments/Invert
        11. Blending Mode colors dodge – should be all white, if not go back to step 8 and take the contrast down a little more.
        12. Filter/Blur/Motion Blur – adjust so you can see as much detail as you desire.
        13. Flatten image
        14. Image/Adjustments/Levels – Use to bring out detail.
        15. Image/Adjustments/Brightness-Contrast – Adjust to your liking.
        16. Save
        17. Select/All
        18. Edit/Copy
        19. Open original image.
        20. Edit/Paste
        21. Change the opacity in the layers palette. You want to see just a hint of color.
        22. Flatten
        23. Filter/buzz/ - add Simplifier One twice – set first at Remove - 1200, Both and set the second at Remove – 600, Both.
        24. Save


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          THANKS for the detailed explanation Lynda!



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            Glad to do it, Jeanie.


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              Great results, super detail, Lynda.

              I'll be referrring to your variation in a future update of the newly created photo-art basics "Pencil Sketch" thread.

              This is like a Christmas present -- after Christmas. And think: No shopping!