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  • Rust Tutorial

    1. Create a new image. for example, 600x600 pixels.
    2. Create some text with the type tool.
    3. While holding down Ctrl key, click on the layer you just created. This will select the layer's transparency.
    4. Press Q to enter Quick Mask Mode, and then press Ctrl+A to select all.
    5. Edit > Transform > Rotate 90o CW
    6. Then, in the menu go: Filter > Stylize > Wind- Press OK.
    7. For more rust dripping farther down, press Ctrl+F to repeat the Wind filter.
    8. Blur > Gaussian Blur > Radius 0.8 - Press OK
    9. Edit > Transform > Rotate 90o CCW
    10. Press Q to exit Quick Mask Mode.
    11. Create a new layer under this text layer (name it Rust Drip). Select a Rust color as the foreground color, and then press Alt+Backspace to fill the selection.
    12. Create a new layer on top of the "Rust Drip" layer (name it Rust)
    13. While holding down Ctrl, click on the "Text" layer. This will select the layer's transparency.
    14. Now select the Brush tool with the Preset I have provide below.
    15. Select the layer "Rust" and paint inside the transparency creating a new Text.
    16. Using the Magic Wand Tool -tolerance set at 30 while holding down the Shift key, select small parts of each litter; then copy and paste.
    17. Add a Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow. That's it.

    This is a brush preset that is needed for the above tutorial. I'm sorry I'm not very good at explaining to you how to install a brush preset, but PhotoShop has a good explanation in its help file. Basically, I can tell you that you go up to the menu bar after selecting the brush tool. You will see an arrow. If you click on that arrow, you will see a list of presets. If you do not have any listed, then there aren't any and you need to load the preset I am providing. You go to the arrow in the top right corner of this drop-down menu and you will see where it says "load presets". Go to where you saved the rust #1 file and that's it. It has everything you need, including the color, already provided. Again, this is the best that I can do in this area.

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    Hey Steve...

    This is amazing. REALLY appreciate the effort on this tutorial + the custom brush preset.



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      How did I manage to miss this great tutorial?
      As usual, Trimoon (Steve), A+ presentation.
      I will try to use your preset brush soon.



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        I like your brush preset. How did you make it?

        Very interesting effect with the rust writing.



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          I have a rust action that I will try to zip and post here. Don't remember where I found it, but actions usually have the creator listed in them somewhere, in case you're interested.
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