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Florida Lighthouse

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  • Florida Lighthouse

    Here is a lighthouse pic I took in Florida. What can be done with it?
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    Lighthouse after dark. Invert, Eye Candy Antimatter, FP ChromaSolarize, and SolarCell for the light.
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      Cool. That really gives it a surreal look. I like the blue rays of light.


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        BK, I really like your eerie treatment...makes you wonder who that lighthouse might be signaling...shudder!

        Here's a chalk sketch. Did lots of things along the way, but I think the key discovery here was rotating the canvas 45 degrees and reapplying (and fading) the rough pastels filter to add some vertical direction to the chalk lines to make it look more interesting and realistic.

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          Outside Tuscaloosa, Ala there used to be (and may still for all I know) twin silos with Schlitz cans painted on them. That inspired this - wow I could have had a V-8!

          Sony CD-1000 camera shot of a very good vintage
          layed on top of lighthouse using PSP
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            Shoot! I could'a had a V8!

            Very nice image, Bubba. Thanks for posting it. Like the V8 verson, too.

            - - - - -
            BK: Very cool effect... Laser-beam like.

            - - - - -
            PS: Interesting interpretation and technique. You amaze me again.

            - - - - -

            After a few trials (and mostly errors) decided to reconstruct the surrounding leaves. I liked the concept, but using them as originally posted yielded too many unfavorable black blotches. Do I did some digital pruning.

            This is basically Smart Blur/Edge Only and Find Edges layers on top of a layer against which the Sumi filter was run. Did quite a bit of cloning and patching beyond that.


            BTW: The author who wrote the frame action (that I was testing and used here) decided to not make public. My apologies for indicating availablity was forthcoming. I really thought it was.
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              Very nice Danny!

              Anyone interested in frames should consider Alien Skin's SPLAT! filter, as there are several pre-made ones that are quite nice. There are tutorials out there for creating your own in Photoshop to incorporate into SPLAT! as well. Matting is also available.

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                A small SPLAT! example.
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                  For Blacknight

                  On the subject of lighthouses, I could'nt resist
                  posting this.

                  I guess I too am a victim of the "wandering mind" syndrome!

                  - Gary



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                    Wow, Gary, that is awesome!!!



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                      Gary - I was waiting for a lightening strike on the lighthouse!
                      Good job.



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