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Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas?

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  • Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas?

    I am working on touching up an old album cover for a friend. The album cover is actually a photograph of an oil painting.

    Here's a selection from the scanned in album cover:

    I'd like to do things like add more white brush strokes to the sides of those headstones, or clean up some of the shaded areas. But using any kind of normal brush in PSP X5 (I also have Photoshop CS6) leaves me with a flat stroke of color.

    I think I need to create a brush that simulates paint on canvas to give me the same kind of pattern to the paint I put on this picture. How do I create that kind of brush?

    Thanks in advance!
    Steve Gibson

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    Re: Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but have you tried to define a pattern then use the stamp tool to paint the pattern over your image.

    Attached is a quick try using define pattern for putting back texture overall (might not be wanted?) and also using the pattern to highlight the light areas try using screen blend then reduce layer opacity.
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      Re: Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas

      Make a duplicate layer. Go to channel mixer and 'check' monochrome. Sliders to R+92 G+50 B+25. Layer set to Linear Light. 'Hide' this layer with a layer mask and with an airbrush you can selectively brush back (uncover) whiter detail whilst maintaining the canvas texture. You can strengthen or enhance the effect with judicious use of the dodge tool or simply add another copy of the pin light layer.


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        Re: Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas

        You could try to use split frequency to preserve the texture & paint on the low frequency layer.
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          Re: Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas

          You might try incorporating Luminosity Masks on a curves adjustment layer to aid in carving and adding some contrast... to speficic light and dark areas

          Amica has made and provided an action that contains all 12 of the luminosity masks and can be downloaded from here: RetouchPRO>Blogs>amica999 (light, light lights, bright lights, super lights.... darks, dark darks, shadow darks, super darks,...... basic midtones, expanded midtones, wide midtones, super midtones)

          lighten the lights using curves along with a light lights Luminosity mask (as explained here: Using the "Lights" Mask)

          darken the darks using curves and a super darks luminosity mask

          If you would want to lessen the canvas texture then using the FFT filter on a flattened version might be helpful
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            Re: Touching up a scan of a oil painting on canvas

            I used Painter 12.
            You can download it to try for 30 days.

            I used Real Hard Chalk
            25% opacity
            20 grain
            98 re saturation
            Bleed 2%
            Jitter 0.03

            I put a few brush marks on your picture to show you what it does.
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