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Silk screen print in the manner of Warhol-how?

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  • Silk screen print in the manner of Warhol-how?

    I wonder is it possible to create a photo based artwork which will look like a silk screen print in the manner of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portraits.

    I’ve tried with curves, different settings of layers, filters, posterization,etc but the result is not good enough (I’m not a seasoned PShop user…)

    Could someone,please, tell me how to turn a simple photo of a face into artwork looking as a silk screen print in Warhol style?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Silk screen print in the manner of Warhol-how

    It is a simple matter of colorization. Andy Warhol took the portrait and made a crude, but effective, colorization of it. Look closely and you will see how painted on things are, very stylized. One other thing you might try is a threshold layer with reduced opacity and a bit of noise added. It will help with a one-dimensionality of the overall.

    There are any number of tutorials on colorization here and elsewhere on the web. Here is wishing you good luck in your endeavors.



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      Re: Silk screen print in the manner of Warhol-how

      I visited a gallery over the weekend that has several Warhol pictures in it. Sheesh, most of us here do better than some of that stuff. How many millions can we make? Kudos to RetouchPro and our artists who contribute online!



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