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  • This Place Does Not Exist!

    I created this artwork today while writing a 3D terrain workflow tutorial for my upcoming ezine. I started with World Machine (using a Windows 7 VM on my Mac) to create a landscape and generate/export a height map. I then imported the height map into TerraRay, adjusted the camera angle, sun, weather, etc. in addition to adding trees and a pavilion from its Library, then rendering and tweaking the scene until I got the best result.

    Next I opened the final render in PostworkShop and generated a few different types of art effects using its presets. Finally, I used layers and shadow/highlight adjustments in Photoshop to combine two or three of the PWS results into the final artwork.

    Also shown are slightly different renders straight out of TerraRay with minor Levels adjustments.
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    Re: This Place Does Not Exist!

    You are so very talented. Even the lighting is correct. I'm mightily impressed.



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      Re: This Place Does Not Exist!

      Thanks! Being a photographer helps... ;-)