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  • Fun with Eye Candy

    I first discovered Alien Skin plug-ins over 20 years ago and still love playing with them.

    Here is a Pasadena CA city scene I shot reinterpreted as only Eye Candy can!
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    Re: Fun with Eye Candy

    Haven't broken down to get this one yet Plugs, but it's on my wish list. Been having to dish out a lot of money of late though (first for a car, and now for my new computer since ol' Betsy finally bit the bullet), so going to have to wait a little longer now. lol


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      Re: Fun with Eye Candy

      Shoulda got a computer with wheels, ha!


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        Re: Fun with Eye Candy

        My car comes with a computer plugs. Microsoft actually supports the OS. I had to do an upgrade (via thumbdrive) which took a little over 40 minutes to install and I had to keep the engine idle during the whole process (no joke). lol


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          Re: Fun with Eye Candy

          Oh boy. If your windshield ever turns blue, that's bad (blue windshield of death).


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            Re: Fun with Eye Candy

            I sure hope it don't crash on my Plugs. lol

            I did have a weird issue where the display wouldn't turn on; just turned off the engine and then re-started and all's well. Blasted computers in the car now. lol


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              Re: Fun with Eye Candy

              That's scary. Running a MS OS you say? (Ha!)

              My transmission mechanic was telling me the other day how a simple computer glitch could make it seem as if the transmission were bad. It my case (two cars actually) it really WAS bad, ooooooh.


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