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Buzz pro 3 in vista or windows 7

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  • Buzz pro 3 in vista or windows 7

    I have the CD OF Buzz pro 3 that i used to use in photoshop. It's been a while and now I want to use it in Gimp or Elements. I have elements 5.0 and am using windows 7 and vista in other computer. I have tried putting it in the plug ins folders, and nothing happens. Is it because of the browser (used to be XP) or does it have to go in a newer version of elements, or is it impossible because the company went out of business that made it. I don't want to buy an updated version of elements if it won't work in it. I have tried Topaz, but it just isn't the same!! Help!

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    Re: Buzz pro 3 in vista or windows 7

    Never got Buzz to work in GIMP; Buzz 3 works perfectly fine in Irfanview though.


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