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  • Printing your artwork

    I've asked this question in a few groups and nobody seems to be interested or folks are not printing larger than 8x10.

    I have an Epson 1280 which can print up to 13x19 prints. I've noticed that with painting/photo-art work, I really like the rendering on Matte,(Real) Canvas or Epson Watercolor paper the best. Watercolor and oil type strokes just do not look right on any other paper. Sometimes, I want to go beyond 13x19 though and was wondering if anybody could recommend a printing service that prints on Epson papers at reasonable prices?

    I use for my photo printing and the quality of the photographs and the prices are fabulous but they can only print on glossy or luster surfaces which don't look good for photo-art in my opinion. They can go up to 24x34...

    Any thoughts?


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    If you have a Kinkos nearby check out what paper they have available for their wide format inkjet printers. The ones here use HP large format and are 36" wide. Paper is on rolls so any length is possible. Watercolor paper is available for them but whether they have it or not you would have to find out. It wouldnt be cheap to get a print from this


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      The smaller sheets of stock that you like, would be available in larger sizes from the distributor, paper merchant etc.

      You could bring your own paper and ask for a discount - all you would be using is their large format print/rip time and ink. <g>

      Obviously colour matching is only setup for a set combo of ink/stock/resolution - so ideally you would find a place that has both the stock you want and a profile which they can say will give you close colour. <g>

      Most bureaus, printers and similar people these days are going into large format inkjets for posters, banners and CTP proofing - so many have a large format's just finding all the other bits too that is hard.

      Also try professional photo labs, which often have varied services.

      Stephen Marsh.


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