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Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

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  • Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

    The late afternoon sun was coming in through a slit in the blinds and making cool shadows on the wall. The water bottle was the original object in the light; I grabbed my iPhone and got some pix. Then I put a cardboard model of New York City's Chrysler Building in the light and got some more iPhone pix.

    The results were treated with various Topaz Texture Effects.
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    Re: Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

    Kewl effects Plugs, nice Job!


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      Re: Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

      Some cool textures for sure plugs.


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        Re: Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

        Thanks! 1-click easy ;-)
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          Re: Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

          We always say "garbage in garbage out".. not in your case ... you seem to always present your best work...your simple subjects demonstrate your skill at observation, photography, and foresight in your planning... good work!


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            Re: Today's artsy: Cardboard Chrysler

            Thanks 0lBaldy, very nice of you!

            (ps: your check is in the mail like we discussed, ha!)


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