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At the Microbrewery

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  • At the Microbrewery

    Well all I did here was crop the image. But emotionally this photo appealed to me.
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    Re: At the Microbrewery

    Thanks for the play, Phil.
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      Re: At the Microbrewery

      Nicely done Ikroll. Thanks for posting it.


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        Re: At the Microbrewery

        May I send this to a friend on Facebook who is an aficionado of Microbreweries and considers himself a connoisseur.... I LUV the title to your Photo/Piece of Art.. very apropos!


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          Re: At the Microbrewery

          Sure OlBaldy you and anyone else are free to use it.


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            Re: At the Microbrewery

            Thought I would try a simplistic water color approach this time. Again, thanks for sharing.
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              Re: At the Microbrewery

              Originally posted by philbach View Post
              Sure OlBaldy you and anyone else are free to use it.
              Thank you sir.


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