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Three Yellow Flowers

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  • Three Yellow Flowers

    Not many comments… Need some feedback good or bad.
    I’m writing up this tutorial so I need some input. And it helps me not to get discouraged if something goes wrong. Steve

    This link goes to a larger image:
    Three Yellow Flowers
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    Beautiful, as always. Looks like an actual water color to me! I think your background is a perfect complement to the flowers. If you have the steps written down, email them to me:

    [email protected]

    Or, If you're going to make a tutorial, can't wait.



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      I think all the images you have posted for the water color tutorial have been stunning. You have the texture paper and soft colors of a water color mimicked perfectly. I especially love the muted background when compared to the foreground image.

      In your first post, on this developing water color tutorial, you listed several filters and one additional program. My one concern would be how many extra programs are involved? And if extra programs/filters that you have to purchase are involved could those steps be duplicated so it could be achieved in PhotoShop alone?

      So please don’t get discouraged as I know many are eagerly awaiting the results of your hard work!



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        This one "Three Yellow Flowers" has had the greatest appeal to me, as the watercolor effect has been ever so slight. The smallest detail of the flower was still intact. The background layer also added to the total appeal of the picture.

        Think this latest technique of yours is superb.


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          T Paul:

          Your suggestion for Steve to keep his tutorial as Photoshop centric as possible is a good one.

          So far the only tool he mentioned in the other thread that is a
          "you pay for it add-on" is Buzz. Some of the Buzz effects, such as simplification and edge detection, can be emulated in Photoshop. We'll have to see the final tutorial to see if Buzz is a showstopper or not for folks who don't own it.

          Eliminate White and Eliminate Black are public domain plugins, as is Paint Engine. PE will exclude Mac folks, since the plugin only works in the Window environment.

          Depending on what PE settings are used, it's possible they, too, can be emulated by the folks running Mac Photoshop.

          It should be a very interesting technique to dissect.

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            The Color in my Mind

            The Color in my Mind


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              I agree with making the tutorial PScentric. One issue I have (and I LOVE your plugins now that I got them to work) is to post the actual steps to get there. The remove black plugin is confusing to me, is there a way to make that effect work without having the plugins? Do you know the settings you used in filter factory to get that effect?

              I like that they are such realistic watercolors.



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                I just wanted to mention that you never cease to blow me away. Thanks for sharing the beautiful imagary...



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                  Color on my mind

                  Really stunning !!!!