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Red Hibiscus Oil

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  • Red Hibiscus Oil

    This is an oil version of the watercolor tutorial I’m putting together.
    Red Hibiscus Oil

    I have been posting the watercolor artwork on three web sits, and here on… however I’m only going to post the tutorial here on
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    The coloring is just breathtaking.... so vivid and yet no real distortion.
    I love the oil effect.....Perfection!


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      The oils variant is very nice, too. It, too, will be another winner.
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        Looks great! Is there any way to add a bit of a shine to it? I guess I am just use to oils with a varnish over them. Just a thought.



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          T Paul;
          One of the reasons why the tutorial is taking so long is because I'm posting the results of each test on the web. However, these images are not necessarily made to look that great in this medium. All the images so far have printed out as intended and that is for print purposes. They look really good printed. The watercolors have been printed on art paper with the oils the printed on canvas. It is at this stage that you can add a varnish to add that gloss & tint that we're all so used to seeing. I also would like to add that I print for over 300 artists and have been doing this for over 4 years now. I have to say that the results I'm getting with the digital manipulations as prints, it is hard to tell the two mediums apart.



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            Steve, what printer do you use? What settings? I love what you are doing here.



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              I bet they print out beautifully! I can understand the art paper for the water color, but I am curious about printing on a canvas. Now when you say printing on canvas, are you using a special canvas or printer to accomplish this?