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looking for painter & photoshop skin palettes

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  • looking for painter & photoshop skin palettes

    One of the message boards had painter and photoshop skin color palettes. Anyone know the (any) links?


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    Here is an updated skin chart

    This link goes to a large image:


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      I created palletes from Bruce Beard's hair colors chart (here) and Skin tones from the image that Steve posted. I saved them in 3 formats: Color table (.act), Microsoft pallete (.pal), and Photoshop Swatches (.aco) so they can (I'm hoping anyway..) be used with other programs. I'm attaching the zipped files of all three formats, first here's the skintones
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        now here's the haircolor swatches, hope these work for you.

        - David
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          I think Tom had a skin tones chart as well, that was even better than Beard. I'm not sure which Tom though.


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            Thanks! You guys are fabulous!

            There's still one that I can't find called cosmetics.txt (a painter 7 color set file)...



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              Color Chart
              by Guest
              My eclectic skin and color chart. Made this one to share.
              I have a whole directory of palettes, as they were so hard to keep track of. Also found a skin color set for Painter.

              Here's the Painter stuff, good info here, if you paint.
              08-26-2002, 01:55 PM
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              Help - Skin painting in Painter
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              I tried painting skin for the first time in Painter and seems everything went south. Looks like the girl's got some skin disease after my painting.

              Could you please help me identify what I've done wrong and how can this be corrected?

              I was using Acrylics...
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              Plugins?/Hair & Skin Charts?
              by exorcist
              1. what plug ins are a must have to you people to use in photoshop

              2. i recently downloaded Bruce Beard's Hair and Skin Color charts
              and for the life of me, cannot load them into photoshop 7.0
              thanking you all in advance
              12-11-2002, 03:43 PM
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              Color palettes, skin and hair tones
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              Does anyone have a skin tone palette they use and could post here? One of my worst problems is blending skin tones. I tried to use color from other pics but it is not coming close at all. Maybe it is just my blending....yikes! Thanks in advance for any help!
              08-18-2002, 09:39 AM
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              Hi people around here,
              I'm a photoshoper like all of you, trying to learn like most of you, and i'm in a case where i should ask for help,

              In This picture, you see that skin textures are harder (those things are invisible in real life) and there's a lot of shadow too
              12-27-2011, 12:06 PM