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  • Trimoon Tutorial Update

    Sorry about the delay in the tutorial but I've run into a little problem. The tutorial does work, as you all can tell by the postings. That is not the problem. I thought I would try and do an mpeg tutorial. In other words, I was making a movie showing step by step how to achieve this technique. The problem occurred when I downloaded the program and everything was going great. This was a shareware program and I did not register it until I saw that it was going to work. Just as I got to the end, I decided to register the program. I entered the registration number. It asked me if I wanted to check for updates and I said yes. Everything went smoothly until I tried to load all the work I had already done. There was nothing there. I've gone back to the old way and am just writing it out. This is a busy week for me, so I'm having to do it a little at a time. I will get it posted as soon as I can. It shouldn't be long. This is what I get for announcing a posting date for the tutorial. Sort of like Microsoft when they promise something and don't deliver. Anyway, I should have some free time on Friday and Saturday to finish it up. I'm just as anxious to get it out as you are to see it. Thank you all for your patience. Steve

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    Sorry to hear you put so much work in only to find a file that would not play. And whenever the written version is ready, that is fine. I think your tutorials are worth waiting for.


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      Yeah but even when Microsoft delivers there's still something lacking...At least your product: 1. is worth the wait and 2. lives up to the promise.


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        I'm sorry to hear about your problem. I think it will be worth the wait because it's above and beyond the quality of text based tutorials. I'm still waiting with bated breath.



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          You gotta keep the stink shad away from your computer. They are known to cause data loss as well as olfactory degradation.


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            Sorry to hear about the problem, but we are all willing to wait because we know when you do post it will be FANTASTIC!!! Thanks in advance...


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              any news?

              Just wondering how the tutorial is going. I am sooooo looking forward to it.



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