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Bluejay watercolor

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  • Bluejay watercolor

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    Beautiful work Schwartzie!! I love the watercolor effect that you got.

    - David


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      There is a bit of a white outline around the Blue Jay, but other than that it looks GREAT! Are you using a technique from here or one you developed?



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        I purposely put the white line around the bird although some was already in the photo. Its pretty much my own technique that Danny has labeled Sarahs watercolors. I can never find it to link to. I use a 1 click wow paper texture for this one.

        Basic Photoshop technique is to enhance photo if needed.

        Use the smart blur on new layer

        may or may not use the noise median on another layer. Sometimes i end up with several layers and blend modes

        Then make a layer, fill with white, add mask and paint in with watercolor brush set at various opacity and sizes

        If needed add painted strokes or blur of smudge strokes
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          Thanks for sharing your technique. The results look great!

          BTW, here is the link to your thread on the watercolor here


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