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Chicadee on stump

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  • Chicadee on stump

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    Very lovely! You must share your technique. Did you do this in Painter, PhotoShop or another program?



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      Check bluejay for instructions. I cant make an action because everyone is different and I might add another filter also and use a different texture. The painting back in on the mask has to be done individually for each one. All photoshop from my original photos


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        Originally posted by Schwartzie
        All photoshop from my original photos
        Very impressive original photos. What type of camera are you using and what's your technique for getting so close to your subjects?



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          My birds shots are with a Canon D30 DSLR with a 300mm f4 IS lens and sometimes a 1/4 or 2x teleconverter added. These shots were both taken through a window
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            Bird Photos

            Hi Schwartzie,

            Wow, great stuff. Very impressive. Your winter colors fantastic. I also use a Canon (D60) and have been shooting through my windows when snowbound this winter. Seems like I have many photos in parallel with yours. The way you treat the edges of your manipulations is wonderful. Is this a process you could share or is it quite different for each picture?

            Please take a look at my bird "paintings" at:

            Also some bird photographs at:

            My work is mostly "edge to edge", it would help some of my efforts if the edges were feathered or brush stroked.

            Your "snowyJay" is absolutely incredible. What a shot! I really do like that one. Good show!

            Dizzy Art