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    Announcing a new interface package that allows the user to run Photoshop Actions within Photoshop Elements 1 & 2. Works on both platforms, Mac and Pc.

    The concept was pioneered by Richard Lynch of "The Hidden Powers of Photoshop Elements 2". Richard came up with a fairly nifty way of doing this.
    Richards url address is:

    Ling Nero, has custom designed an interface that could be used in the How to Recipes area of PSE. I have also adapted this and used her thumbnails to add it into the Welcome area. She has done a wonderful job of making a user interface, UI, that is really pleasing.

    This interface gives more use to the PSE people than the full blown Photoshop user has. It allows a preview of the grains or frame type before you use the action. We have also made thumbnails for the ten actions that Al Ward of Action FX has donated to the cause. His text effects are all high quality.

    The package contains the following

    All of my frame and Wooden frame and wooden matte actions
    26 different paint/sketch actions, including Hayes Island
    10 different photo enhancing actions including Dave Jaseck stuff
    10 text effects actions by Al Ward of AFX
    Richards' demos of Hidden Power tools of PSE

    here is a link to pictures of the frames that are available:

    We hope this package will meet many needs and increase your enjoyment of PSE. We highly recommend Richards book if you want the complete access to PSE's full power. The action set just touches the surface. Richards techniques and tools and the use of actions turns an inexpensive photo editing program into a powerhouse, and gives you probably more than the average user of full Photoshop ever uses.

    You may look at some screenshots of the various screens including thumbnails here:

    The full package is somewhat big...400+kb. It includes the actions, thumbnails, and special screens needed for the complete install in both versions and both platforms. Install instructions are included in the package. You have the choice of installing in either the Welcome screen area or the Recipes menu area. Pros and cons of both are in the installation instructions.

    You may download the full package of frames (as well as other Elements-compatible actions) here:

    Special thanks to Rob of N. Carolina who willing tested every action and every frame and gave constant feedback to problems and spelling and colors...well, everything. This was a bunch of work on his part, and is geatly appreciated...thanks Rob.
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