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  • Realism

    not sure if this is the right place to post this...

    this is one of my latest in Realism : 100% Photoshop

    Polygonal Lasso + Brush + Smudges + Blurs


    the Painting above the bed is one of my own (Acryllic on canvas)


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    Re: Realism

    I love the simplicity of the room and the shading is excellent. There are a few areas that grab my attention. The upside down “S” shading stroke at the top of the blanket is too harsh and needs to be better blended into the blanket in order to make it more realistic. Also I think the left bed leg would cast just a hint of a shadow around the inside of it…similar to the shadow cast by the leg on the right but much shorter. Finally the shading on the footboard to the left of the blanket…there is a very wide area of shading where the blanket drapes over the footboard. This wide section seems odd to the eye. I don’t think the blanket would cast that shape. Other than that it looks great! Really well done.

    Originally posted by heathrowe
    the Painting above the bed is one of my own (Acryllic on canvas)
    Very impressive painting. I'm sure the real version is fantastic!



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      tnx t-p
      great suggestions
      i followed thru on them - certainly softens the shadows



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