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Hit pretty hard with a virus

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  • Hit pretty hard with a virus

    My computer got hit pretty hard with a virus two weeks ago and I've pretty much had to reformat and start all over again on my tutorial. Lost all my brushes and presets. *weeping uncontrollably as I write this* I know this is just one excuse after another, but this was pretty devastating. It cost me alot of money (not to mention I couldn't work for two weeks). PC-cillin let me down for the first time in three years. Actually, it's not their fault I wouldn't let it do the last couple of updates because of work, ect so I can't really blame them. Whatever it was that hit me overclocked my all four of my PCs on the network. And also started wiping my drives. That's twelve 80 GB hard drives I had to reformat. Luckily most all of my images had been backed-up except a weeks worth of work.


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    ooh, that stinks steve! I've heard of a lot of different ways viruses can wreak havoc, but I've never heard of any that overclock!! do you actually know which virus it was that you got hit with? good to hear that you had most of your work already backed up, but a weeks worth of work is a lot to lose! hope things go well getting all your machines back up to normal.

    - David


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      Ouch!! Sorry to hear about your system troubles Trimoon. It doesn't sound like much fun at all!!



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        Sounds like you don't know the name of the virus -- do you know how you picked it up -- email, downloading off web, web surfing...?

        Sure hope you're protected now from another attack.


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          ACK! Steve, I am so sorry that you caught a virus. I have had that happen before where I lost all my photos...not fun. Even if you "only" lost a week worth of work, that is pretty devastating.

          I hope that the hard drive fairy is now protecting all your computers.



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            well up til now, I've just been careful and so far lucky for not getting any viruses, but this promted me to actually load a program, I found that I had a copy of PC-Cillin 2002 on a motherboard CD, so I loaded it up, got all the updates and did a full hard drive search, it turns out I actually had two viruses which I never even realized I had (hard to say if they really were viruses, they were in a program folder but I deleted them just to be safe..)

            - David


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              David, I'd be interested in how you make out with pc-cillon. My friend with the new xp computer said pc-cillon was causing problems. I never know for sure what she means because she is self-taught and uses different words than most people I think she said it was slowing things down.

              Take care Margaret

              ps: what's your vote for Edmonton's new moniker?? - we used to call it Edmonchuck, but I suppose that's no longer politically correct.


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                Hi Margaret,

                so far I haven't noticed much if any slowdown in performance. I'll post here if I have problems or notice anything strange happening.
                re new moniker for edmonton - hmm.. I've heard quite a few, but my brother who lives in calgary ("cowtown") always calls it "e-town", I don't have a clue why, but he's been calling it that for a long time now!

                - David


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