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Creative interpretations: Flowers from Jill's Garden

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  • Creative interpretations: Flowers from Jill's Garden

    I was looking through some old threads today and this one has a good pic to start with and some very creative interpretations, so I thought I'd choose it for one of this weeks' Creative Interps...


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    Wow I just found this section --- this site is so great.

    This is a picture from my garden, I do not know what type of flower this is but I am thrilled every year when they come up. I just love the way they look. Well I hope you enjoy and have fun with them!
    I think I'll try these now.
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    Created new layer did glowing edges. New layer from original played with opacity did water color fileter. Adjusted brightness and contrast. Used rectangle
    marquee did inverse copy, past then layer style bevel and emboss two times.
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      Jill- beautiful flowers!! And the framed version is not bad either!

      PI - colored pen to about 75% then desaturated. then did unsharp mask and sharpen to get the edges out
      PSP - overlayed PI version with original at 33% in multiply mode

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        How to kill sissy's garden

        Sissy I am always envious of your garden! Here is my try at your flowers.

        Used various filters and opacity. Nothing fancy.

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          My mother always calls them concubines, because that way she can remember the real name. Some kind of association memory assist of some sort. Anyhoo, here's a version with find edges desaturated and set to overlay (original in background), flattened, some hue/sat and curves to brighten, flattened and an emboss layer set to overlay. Sharpened slightly to bring out edges more.

          Nice shot, by the way!
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            And now, through the kaleidoscope...
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              It's so fun to play among so many talented folks!

              The background layer is based on a watercolor tutorial from

              Applied the Lisa Neal layered frame action (click HERE ) to a desaturated version of the original image and pasted the result into another layer on top of the WC layer created with Janee's tutorial.


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                BK - The kaleidoscope effect would make a great stain glass piece! That looks wonderful.

                Phyllis - I really like the effect on the whole image - especially the flowers. I think this effect is perfect for an image like this - I love it.

                Danny - The B&W with the color is a very impressive look. I like this style a lot and will have to play with it.

                Thank you all for these impresive submissions.


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                  Playing around with history brush. I feel this mostly resembles real painting because you have to stroke the "canvas" as you would in real life.
                  Anyway, first adjusted the color to my taste. Layed a new white layer on top. Using various brushes at low opacity I put back the colors. I also varied the blend modes depending whether I want it darker or lighter or more saturated. The outer edges were the least "stroked" and the flowers were "stroked" the most to bring out it's full color.

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                    Tony - love your version! Great colors and the gradual fading to the edges is a nice touch.

                    Amanda - rare concubine indeed. I'll have to show my mother that one sometime!


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                      Amanda - that is the best!!!


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                        I like this, and thought it would work with what I do best -- fool around.

                        Here's a list of the things I did to achieve this.

                        1. Hue shifted the green ever so sligthly toward blue. The difference is barely noticable, but there is a difference.

                        2. Saturated the yellow channel up by about 30.

                        3. Saturated the red channel up about 12.

                        4. Selectd some highlights, then selected similar.

                        5. Applied Eyecandy filter, "Glow", set to fat, color white, opacity abour 30 percent, distance 12 pixels.

                        6. Painted edges, pure white, about 12 percent opacity to build up the brightness around border to give it a 'through a gel coated filter' effect.

                        7 Burned the green foliage to make the glow stand out more, painting to make a pleasing design to draw the eye around the center triangular composition.

                        8 Cropped left and top to better center the subject and draw the eye to the light/dark composition.

                        9. Applied Smart Blur to entire image.

                        All of this was done on a single layer. Expriments with layering proved to be extra work and unnecessary.

                        I hope you find the result pleasing.

                        This is my first photo-art on RetouchPro, so please leave comments.

                        p.s. "Concubines" work for me! These flowers are quite exotic. Also, many of these are VERY good, IMO, but the two that stand out most is the soft, edge enhanced, low saturation one, and the kaleidescope one... that one is really super!
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                          I used an action called "Paint Slap" from action set DannyR DPR ver 07A from the collection that can be downloaded here:



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                            Well thought I'd give this one a second try! LOL

                            duplicated original layer, desatureate, work the curves. Use find edges then select color range to remove the grey. Boost the leves so the lines were darker. Used history brush wet medial 39 % to paint in color. Added a touch of grain and slight sandstone texture.
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                              What pretty columbines!

                              I used Mike F.'s Digi-Doodle action, copied the lines snapshot, applied snapshot #2 (I think that was the one I used), multiply blend mode, dodged the flowers to brighten them up a bit, added crosshatch brush strokes, faded them, added a solid color adjustment layer, painted with a chalk brush, flattened and added texture. That was all - I think. Sometimes I forget to write a step down in my notes . . .

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