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    Many of you are probably familar with the outstanding (if you're not, DEFINITELY check it out).

    Well, a sister site, just opened for business (3/8/03). Once it gets going it looks like it will be GOLDMINE of inspiration and creative ideas. There are various forums which many who visit here will probably find interesting.

    Don't get me wrong: I'm sure not trying to "send anybody away" from RetouchPRO's Photo-based Art forum. Just wanted to share a cool site that's just taking form.

    Happy Daze...

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    I have never been to either of these sights. Great job!!
    Love them both. There are some really creative people on this globe.


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      It appears that ArtSig requires money for membership, or some kind of (seemingly at first glance) complicated "pass" system obtained by knowing someone who is already a member. I can sympathize with their reasons for making it difficult to "get in" (weeds out undesirables, or at least undesirables without money...) but I was rather disappointed at not being able to become part of it.


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        art sig

        Looks like a great site but don't think I would pay to join and they don't share like here with their techniques, guess I will stick around here.
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          Very True. This home rocks !!


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