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  • Best Print Resolution?

    Hi all

    I am new to photo based art and have a question regarding the best DPI to print at. With normal photos the higher the printing resolution the better the quality of the print, but I'm unsure if this also applies to photos that have been converted to paintings. I have noticed that whenever I convert a photo in PS7 it always looks like a real painting (brush strokes and texture are clearly visible) at 100% magnification (actual pixels), but never looks as good at print magnification (50%) or when it is printed out. In fact a few that I have printed have come out almost like a photo and not a painting yet it looked great at 100% (actual Pixels).

    I cant understand why I can't print at 100% actual pixels; but no, the print size is always the 50% screen magnification!

    Is there anything I can do to help show more brush stroke detail (as it appears in the 100% screen magnification) in my printouts?

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    Welcome. Glad you found us.

    I, too, struggled trying to find combinations that looked "arty" then printed. Here's what I do to reduce the likelihood after printing the image will look like the original, unprocessed photo.

    Assuming an original image of approx. 8"x10", I found that reducing the resolution to about 75-100 ppi before applying filters and actions seemed to give better results than applying effects on hires images, say 300 PPI.

    Before printing (and depending on the image) I will the upsize the image to ~ 300 PPI and sometimes apply ~ 1-2 pxl Dust and Scratches filter to get rid of some jagged edges.

    The above should not be mistaken as "expert" advice. It seems to work most of the time for me.

    Hope this gives you some ideas. Again, welcome. Why don't you post some of your creations in the Photo-Art 101 forum. Would really like to see what kinds of things you're doing.



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      Hi. and thanks for your help Danny.

      When you say downsize and upsize do you mean to resample and litrally decrease and increase the image size or do you just mean to scale them up and down without resampling?

      Thanks again


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        Welcome to RetouchPRO!

        I'm pretty sure that Danny is talking about actually resampling the image.

        I don't have any great advice for you, but this might help. If your prints look like your 50% view on screen, then perhaps you should make your painting look the way you want at 50% (not 100%). That means at 100% it will look over done, but when printed, it should be just what you want.

        Just a thought to avoid resampling, though I'm not sure that resampling is as bad a thing when it comes to "art" as opposed to "photos."



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          Thanks for your advice Jeanie.

          I have tried several times to get the image to look right at 50% onscreen but it's quit difficult. I think I will try the resampling route.



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            Thanks for pinch-hitting for me. I should have clarified the Up/Down-sampling. You were right on the $$.

            - - - - - - -

            Let us know how it goes. The best of luck.