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    I'm taking a computer graphics at the local CC and my current project is to create 5 differnent layouts using Quark. I thought I'd like to try making a scrapbook layout, but I need some inspiration.

    Does anyone know of a site where such layouts might be posted? I did a Google search, but didn't find much.



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    To clarify, are you looking for sites with scrapbooking designs (in general) or sites with scrapbooking designs in Quark format?


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      i'm looking for layouts that were created using Quark or similar software. There are 1,000s of the traditional, hand made layouts on the internet.



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        I don't know of any sites that have how tos on using Quark for scrapbooks. I was in the same situation of not knowing what to do and wanting tutorials. I used PS to make a scrap book for my daughter's class. It is simple but perhaps these pages will help.....

        There are lots of places on the web where you can go for "inspiration". Take a look at the places that sell scrapbooking papers (acid free), scissors, albums etc.

        Then.....write a tutorial on how to use Quark for scrapbooking so that we all may learn.



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